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ARBORETUM, the second ICAWOOD project in Greater Paris

Our commitment to responsible investing

It is still too early to assess the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate industry. But we definitely see it as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to invest responsibly and to promote business models with sustainable impacts.

Combined with the sweeping social, environmental and technological trends we foresee, the pandemic is speeding up the transformation of the spaces where we live, work and play. Beyond the immediate consequences of the health crisis, it is essential to study the structural and fundamental shifts that are occurring. New trends are emerging and others, already identified, are accelerating.

More than ever, our spheres of life must be entirety rethought to include the mobility, flexibility and connectivity to which users aspire. We need to rethink the cities of the future and to design mixed urban environments where residential, retail, office and logistics spaces are combined and integrated in response to the needs of each community. We need to be even more effective in leveraging technology for everyday efficiency, and of course we must make health, safety and well-being central to all our initiatives from their very conception.

This period of transformation is therefore the opportunity to demonstrate our flair for innovation and ability to reinvent our industry with solutions that reflect societal change and therefore benefit everyone. We are convinced, more than ever, that we must continue to invest responsibly and sustainably, because that is what will be profitable. In this way, we will build a legacy for future generations and fulfill our primary mission of creating long-term value for all Quebecers.

We are committed to working toward this goal with diligence and humility, in close collaboration with our tenants, employees and partners around the world.

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