Choices for the future

Our conviction

Sustainable investment is an integral part of our vision and mission.
We are convinced that sustainable real estate investment is profitable over the long term.

Our sustainable-investment vision

While contributing to the financial security of our six million beneficiaries, our goal is to create living spaces that foster the well-being of people and communities and contribute to achieving our worldwide carbon neutrality commitments. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are formally integrated into our corporate and investment strategy. Our environmental actions are intended to set our portfolio on the trajectory required to ensure global warming does not exceed 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. In terms of sustainable development and investment, we have set targets for carbon neutrality and for improving the social impact of our practices on local people and communities. Lastly, we take the necessary measures internally to ensure that our actions reflect our convictions, which means mobilizing, training, and supporting our talent; integrating sustainable considerations into our key operational processes; and accelerating our journey as a sustainable investor through digital technology acceleration.

Our sustainable-investment strategy

For more than a decade, we have incorporated sustainable criteria into our activities and investment process while considering the growing expectations of all our stakeholders. In 2021, a net-zero carbon strategy implementation by 2040 aims to provide sustainable solutions to reduce our assets’ carbon footprint and increase our positive impact on our communities. Our commitment is also reflected in our participation in recognised industry bodies, such as GRESB (formerly Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) and the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures), as well as our influence within the industry through our involvement in initiatives such as Diversity in Action. These partnerships are part of our sustainable investment strategy and strengthen our environmental and social risks management. Our approach is designed to shape inclusive communities that foster well-being, increase the resilience of our properties, and play a key role in driving our industry’s transition.

Choices for the planet

In response to the climate emergency, we have accelerated the decarbonization strategies for our properties initiated in 2017. We implemented an ambitious plan to improve their energy efficiency and resilience. We build our roadmap around three main priorities: aligning our portfolio with a 1.5 °C trajectory, anticipating the consequences of climate change and the low-carbon transition, and preserving natural resources.

Choices for people

We aim to increase our positive impact on the communities where we operate. We put people and communities at the heart of how we design and operate our spaces. We are committed to promoting health, well-being and an inclusive, equitable culture so that each of our talents can authentically contribute to the success of Ivanhoé Cambridge.

Choices for governance

We assess the physical risk of climate change and manage it throughout the investment cycle, from due diligence through the holding period.

To back up our words with action, we assume our leadership as a catalyst for sustainable investment in our industry. Our financing strategy supports our sustainable objectives, and we work with our peers and partners to improve the sustainability of the value chain and encourage individual action. In addition, we invest in innovation to develop new techniques for radically improving the sustainable parameters in the real estate sector.

For greater transparency

As part of our commitment to putting sustainable investment at the heart of our business, we are committed to communicating our progress and achievements to ensure greater transparency regarding our initiatives and approach.