March 28, 2022

Social and societal issues become a priority for real estate investors

As part of MIPIM 2022, which was held in Cannes (France) from March 15th to 18th, Stéphane Villemain, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), shared his insights on social and societal issues in real estate.

While the fight against global warming is at the center of all concerns, social and societal aspects are still too often neglected, due both to the lack of sufficient data to properly measure their impact and to the diversity of considerations falling under what qualifies as the “S” in ESG. Within this wide array of themes, the promotion of building occupiers’ health and wellness has become more and more a priority for real estate investors as real estate affects people’s daily lives. In this context, creating healthy, resilient living environments for a positive and sustainable impact on the communities should be a goal for any real estate investor.

Revitalising neighborhoods through urban regeneration projects is also central to this approach. These urban solutions aim to integrate social diversity, innovative urban design, and energy efficiency. Housing affordability is another fundamental “S” factor as it is critical that everyone should be able to find adequate housing. Through this focus on affordability, we enhance the quality of life inside and outside the property and reinforce diversity to create healthy and resilient communities.

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