August 5, 2021

Episode 6: The users of tomorrow

As companies plan for their big comeback, the future of the office is a much-needed discussion for companies and their employees, especially the next generation. In this final episode of our series, we turn to the leaders of tomorrow — young Gen Y professionals — and ask them what their ideal vision of a post-pandemic office is. Joining us to share their ideas are Felicia Empey, Head of Internal Communications at Robert Half, a Canadian recruitment agency; Gentry Bennett, Senior Internal Communications Specialist at Blue Shield of California; and Eelynn Chow, Investment and Asset Manager at Ivanhoe Cambridge in Hong Kong.

This week’s guest experts

Annie Bergeron

Host – Design Director and Principal at Gensler

Ee Lynn Chow

Manager, Investments and Asset Management at Ivanhoé Cambridge – Hong Kong

Gentry Bennett

Gentry Bennett

Internal Communications and Editorial Senior Specialist at Blue Shield of California

Felicia Empey

Felicia Empey

Internal Communications Manager at Robert Half

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