May 6, 2021

Index-Design and Ivanhoé Cambridge invite you to the first-ever Défi-Design event focusing on office spaces

A one-of-a-kind virtual meeting that will take place on May 21

Montreal Défi-Design, an all-new concept that generates ideas in real time, will be livestreamed on May 21 to participants who register free of charge. Initiated by Index-Design, LAAB Collective and Körnelius and presented by Ivanhoé Cambridge, the 180-minute event is highly anticipated in the design, real estate and business communities. The first challenge will focus on work environments in office buildings, as companies consider returning to the office, but have questions about how to do so in a world where work modes have been drastically disrupted by the pandemic.

The lifeblood of downtown 

In major urban centres, business communities are the economic and cultural lifeblood of the downtown core. For building owners and managers, as well as developers and investors, preparations for a gradual return to the office in accordance with governmental and public health protocols create opportunities and challenges alike.

The Défi-Design events will therefore focus on how spaces can be given new functions and new appeal at a time when employees have become enamoured of hybrid work arrangements.

Reinventing spaces

Each Défi-Design event will be livestreamed free of charge. Three teams consisting of selected professionals, ideators and creators, architects and designers will generate ideas that can be used to (re)develop a space, to review its functions and to meet new user needs, expectations and aspirations.

After 120 minutes, each team will present its space and layout solutions to a jury consisting of local influencers and personalities actively involved in revitalizing the downtown core.

In real time, the design teams will propose creative strategies and solutions to redevelop a space unveiled on the morning of the event. The winning team will ultimately have the opportunity to implement its concept by transforming the space for the owner or tenant.

The event is open to everyone with an interest in the transformation of living spaces and cities, subject to prior registration.

Putting users first  

The aim of the Défi-Design concept is to promote agility and innovation by applying collective creativity to specific issues related to space, layout and, by extension, corporate culture, with the ultimate goal that space be thought of as a service that is desirable, functional and practical for the user. Défi-Design uses a “design-thinking” approach to create new value propositions for companies. It demystifies the creative process while delivering an entertaining and inspiring live performance.

Partnering in promising innovations

Ivanhoé Cambridge, the concept’s first presenting partner, is proud to take part in the first edition of Défi-Design.

“It’s an opportunity for us, as a major downtown-Montreal property owner, to draw on local knowledge to inspire our ongoing thought process about collaborative, collective workspaces. Our office buildings are idea labs that we make available to local talent, so that we can amplify and disseminate innovative office space concepts in collaboration with our partners.”

Annik Desmarteau, Vice President, Offices, Quebec

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