July 24, 2020

Installation of Calatrava scuplture underway at River Point Park

We are proud to announce this week, alongside our partners for River Point – Hines and Levy Family Partners – the installation of Constellation, the Calatrava sculpture for River Point Park. The assembly of the red leafy sculpture is underway and will continue for several weeks. During this time, portions of the park will be closed to the public for additional landscape enhancement.

World renowned Spanish-Swiss architect, structural engineer, sculptor and painter, Santiago Calatrava, created this unique and vibrant sculpture to be installed in the park at River Point. Calatrava’s intention in this sculpture is for it to simply grow from the ground. Within each figure, an internal logic of autonomy delivers lyrical forms and implies a sense of elevation and spiritual uplifting, reflecting the building’s mirrored architectural arch.

“I feel very honored that my work was chosen to be integrated in the streetscape of Chicago, a city with such an extraordinary tradition of urban art and architecture,” said the sculpture’s author, Santiago Calatrava.

Constellation will stand 29 feet in height and width, with twists in an outward reaching spiral constructed of overlapping leaflike elements descending in scale from very large at the sculpture’s base to very small at the outer reach of the sculpture’s spiral form. When approached from any angle, the massive layered spiral reveals stunning architectural depth, overhand and movement.

“This spectacular addition to the City of Chicago’s vibrant and renowned public works of art at River Point Park is another great example of how this amenities-rich and best-in-class office building truly makes a difference to the City, the community, and our tenants,” said Jonathan Pearce, our Executive Vice President, Leasing and Development, Office and Industrial, North America.

 “River Point is a world-class project that has reshaped the iconic Chicago skyline,” said Jim Walsh, Senior Managing Director at Hines’ Chicago regional office. “The reflections of the bright red sculpture on the River and the glass tower will be an amazing sight to see. It is a great artistic touch to our plaza and the riverfront.”

 “Chicagoans have been highly anticipating the arrival of this sculpture and we are excited to welcome this as a new focal point in the city’s rich history of world class architecture and outdoor public sculpture. I am very proud that the model used in selecting the Calatrava sculpture will be displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago alongside models for Chicago’s Picasso, Calder and DuBuffet sculptures,” added Larry Levy, Managing Director of Levy Family Partners. “I am sincerely grateful to former Mayor Rahm Emanuel who persisted in creating a beautiful sculpture on River Point Park during his term in office.”

About Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava is well known as the architect and engineer of many unique buildings and structures including the Milwaukee Museum of Art; the Oculus in New York City; and the Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His solo exhibitions have been displayed at museums and galleries all around the world.

Calatrava’s work continues to shape and redefine the boundaries that have historically separated the visual arts, particularly sculpture, from architecture and engineering. This is evident in the artist’s broad oeuvre of works which includes ceramics, drawings, paintings, sculpture, architecture and engineering projects. These works express a unified aesthetic anchored in the artist’s continuing exploration of the relationship between the origins of creativity and the evolutionary structure of the natural world. Mr. Calatrava lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland and is represented by the Marlborough Gallery.

For more details, consult the Hines press release.

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