November 17, 2015

Vaughan Mills Sport Neighbourhood Expansion is LEED certified

The Vaughan Mills Sport Neighbourhood expansion has been certified LEED® by the Canada Green Building Council.

We are very proud to announce that the Vaughan Mills Sport Neighbourhood expansion has been certified LEED® by the Canada Green Building Council. This certification further illustrates Ivanhoé Cambridge’s commitment to sustainable development by finding ways of reducing the environmental impacts of its properties.

The LEED® rating system encourages sustainable building practices in matters of energy efficiency, water consumption, heating, use of local materials and reuse of surplus material.

The Vaughan Mills expansion team put forth a number of initiatives to meet the LEED® standards, one of which was to maximize daylight exposure by taking full advantage of windows and skylights in the redesign of the Event Court. The following is a list of features or measures currently in place at Vaughan Mills:

  • Four electric vehicle charging stations located near the newly constructed Entrance 4A;
  • Easy access to public transportation;
  • High efficiency water fixtures and fittings; 
  • Support for local and renewable green-power producers; 
  • Locally sourced building materials with high recycled content; 
  • Use of low-emission materials in sealants and adhesives; 
  • Reuse of existing structural components, such as the roof, floors and walls; 
  •  Drought-tolerant landscaping, which eliminates the need for permanent irrigation;
  • Energy efficient LED lighting;
  • Energy efficient air conditioning units that do not use ozone-depleting CFCs.

“We are very proud of the continued efforts displayed by the Vaughan Mills team throughout the renovation project. LEED® certification for Vaughan Mills is a step further in Ivanhoé Cambridge’s environmental stewardship initiatives,” said Stephen Gascoine, General Manager, Vaughan Mills shopping centre.

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