COVID-19: Adapting, innovating and making a commitment

The windows of Place Ville Marie, in Montreal, were lit up to celebrate our essential workers.

Health and safety are our top priority

We are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and to supporting all our stakeholders as they strive to keep their businesses running or resume operations after a temporary hiatus. These guidelines provide an overview of the measures and initiatives we have put in place at Ivanhoé Cambridge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with concrete solutions for each of our business segments.

Outlet Collection Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Our goal: consolidate our ongoing efforts

The purpose of these guidelines is to outline and share the principles, resources and initiatives that we have rolled out at Ivanhoé Cambridge to manage this crisis.

They are intended for use within the real estate industry and beyond to help those who are called upon to make decisions in these unprecedented times. But they are also meant to inform a longer-term view of the future of our industry, the transformations it is undergoing and the sustainable benefits that will emerge, for us and for our communities.

Outlet Collection Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Our guiding principles

From the outset of the pandemic, at Ivanhoé Cambridge we embraced a set of principles that has guided our decision making every step of the way.

  • The health and safety of our employees, our tenants, their customers, our partners and our suppliers are our number-one priority. We are dedicated to meeting the most stringent standards in this regard in order to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus at our properties.

  • We will adhere fully to the requirements of public health authorities and government officials as they apply to the jurisdictions where we operate.

  • We will keep our partners and stakeholders updated on a regular basis and openly convey information about the measures that have been implemented.

  • We will provide our employees with enhanced support to overcome this crisis.

  • We will team up with our partners to provide assistance to our tenants and find the best solutions to the complex and extraordinary circumstances we are up against.

  • We will offer our support to the communities that our properties call home, as we do across our organization, to help everyone weather the storm.

A multifaceted approach

Our crisis management structure is running like a well-oiled machine. Our task forces had all conducted pandemic simulations in the preceding year. Everyone was prepared to mobilize the required resources and to leap into action in line with our guiding principles; with all areas of operation working seamlessly, sharing a common long-term outlook.

Business continuity

Human resources

Information technology

Managed properties

Vision for the future