Together we will ensure
the well-being of all

Health and safety are our priorities

Our priorities are to ensure everyone’s safety and to support all our stakeholders as they maintain or resume their activities. This reference guide outlines the measures and initiatives we have put in place in response to the pandemic and proposes concrete solutions for the various segments of our industry.

Goal: To consolidate our actions

The aim of this reference guide is to identify and share the principles, means and initiatives implemented at Ivanhoé Cambridge to manage the pandemic. It is intended to be a reference for everyone in our industry, or other industries, who must make decisions in these unprecedented times. But it is also part of a longer-term discussion on the future of our industry, the profound changes it is going through and the lasting benefits that will emerge for us and our communities.

The document will evolve along with the knowledge we acquire and the new realities that arise. 

Outlet Collection Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Our guiding principles

At Ivanhoé Cambridge, we agreed from the first signs of the pandemic on a number of principles that have guided our decisions to this day:

  • The health and safety of our employees, tenants, customers, partners and suppliers is our top priority. We aim for the highest standards in this area and we strive to minimize the risk of transmission at our properties.

  • We offer our employees enhanced support to see them through the crisis.

  • We communicate frequently and transparently with all our partners and stakeholders concerning the measures put in place.

  • We comply fully with the directives issued by the various public and government health authorities where we operate.

  • We work with our partners to help our tenants and to find the most appropriate solutions to the exceptional and complex issues we face.

  • In the same way, we offer support to our communities in order to help them weather the crisis.