Ivanhoé Cambridge is a leading economic player in the communities where we operate. Our properties contribute to local vitality, and the direct and indirect benefits of our activities drive prosperity and enhance societal well-being. We see our investments in the community, whether it involves purchasing goods and services from local (Canadian-based suppliers) or giving back to non-profit organizations, as an effective way of projecting our CSR values to life and having a lasting and significant impact in our community.

Contributing to community prosperity and well-being

* 92% of the Company’s total purchases — as part of this guide, local suppliers are defined as suppliers based in Canada, since the headquarters are located in the country.

Breakdown of suppliers by category*

* by number of suppliers

Responsible procurement

At Ivanhoé Cambridge, goods and services are procured by property managers or through the central Purchasing department, which handles contracts that are broader in scope.

These transactions are arranged through formal calls for tenders in an effort to maintain fairness, transparency and healthy competition between suppliers. This approach ensures that suppliers’ ethics and values are consistent with ours, especially in regard to employment standards, environmental priorities and social responsibility.

Our responsible procurement guide was developed to align the team’s efforts with industry best practices. Since 2015, responsible procurement was systematically incorporated into the entire purchasing process and the general questionnaire for suppliers now includes a section on responsible practices.

Giving back to the community

We are committed to reinvesting in the community by supporting a number of not-for-profit organizations where we are present, based on a donations and sponsorship policy that identifies three priorities:

Humanitarian causes

Support for homeless shelters and housing for people in difficulty.


Protection and promotion of architectural heritage.


Research and training in real estate, architecture, urban planning, retail and business schools.

Our properties are encouraged to support causes that allow them to assert their leadership in their respective communities by providing monetary contributions, gift cards or lent space.

To submit a request related to our corporate donation and sponsorship policy, write to csr@ivanhoecambridge.com